Fuck Yeah Dead X-Men

A blog dedicated to our dearly departed X-Men. Which means all of them at one point or another.

Why I think Joe Kelly’s (and Steven Seagle’s) run on X-Men (1991) is the most underrated run by any author on that title is easily explained just by numbering some of his (or their) greatest moments:

  1. Cecilia Reyes stops whining about everything and starts being the BAMF we all know and appreciate
  2. The Marrow vs. Wolverine issue (#72) was beautifully done with nods to the old BWS Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike issue, and set the stage for the amazingness that is X-Men (1991) #74
  3. Storms reclaims her tiara (although this was a suggestion from artists Carlos Pacheco (#71)
  4. Psi-War was the kind of event that Marvel wish they could do now, a two-part story that put Psylocke on the map again and had ripples through all the MU. Obviously if Marvel did this story now it would be in the form of a seven parts mini-series with tons of tie-ins.
  5. Amazing artists almost every issue; Carlos Pacheco, German García, Adam Kubert, …
  6. Kitty, Peter and Kurt rejoin the X-Men

These to name just a few, which was yours? Tell me and I’ll make a post with it, deal?